YSE Awards 2019

Stuart Adams

University: University of the West of Scotland

Title: Real-Time Physically-Based Rendering


Real-Time Physically-Based Rendering is a project describing the mathematical theory behind modern photorealistic rendering as well as the practical implementation of a real-time physically based rendering system. 

The new renderer, Moka, implements complex shading techniques used by video games and movies to produce photorealistic materials. Moka uses a physically plausible model of a material’s microscopic structure and applies electromagnetic theory to create a correct distribution of reflected light.

The project is cross-platform and can run on Windows or Linux desktops. It is written in C++17 and OpenGL. It is open-source and is freely available to be read, modified and redistributed by anyone who wishes to learn about modern graphics techniques.

This project contributes to the field of computer graphics by showing a simple, practical implementation of physically-based rendering in OpenGL. It tests the implementation against a leading commercial game engine to evaluate the physically-based approach and determine if the development efforts were successful.


Stuart came to the University of the West of Scotland’s Computer Games Technology course through West College Scotland, where he completed an HND in Computer Games Development. At UWS, he showed particular aptitude within modules centred on graphics programming and high performance computing; and was also elected president of the Game Development Society 

During his time at university Stuart also worked at Veracity UK Ltd. as an intern software engineer, and stayed employed on a part-term basis throughout his studies. In May, he started full-time employment as a Software Engineer at Codeplay Software Ltd., where he continues his exploration of the madness of C++ metaprogramming. Stuart has now moved to Linlithgow for the Edinburgh commute.

Stuart’s hobbies and interests include programming, reading, eating way too much and playing guitar badly.

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