Jit Gosai


Jitesh has over 15 years Test experience working with a wide variety of companies from Mobile manufactures to OS builders and app developers.

He is currently the Principal Tester in the TV & Radio department working with the Mobile, TV and Web Platforms teams within the BBC to help identify their Test approaches and how the teams move to DevOps and beyond.


Talk Overview: The Skill of Continous Testing

Continuous Testing is more than just implementing industry best practices on testing but realising that Testing doesn’t always look like Testing.


If implementing an approach meant that bugs were caught far earlier, faster and with less impact on users then why would you only dedicate 1 page of 78 in a commentary on best practice? That is what came out from the 2018 State of DevOps report on Continuous Testing.

The report highlighted some practices such as exploratory testing, automation and TDD that could help teams achieve this way of testing but I think there is a little more to it.

This talk will journey my development as a tester from “click factories”, the first signs of agile, attempting to automate everything to now understanding what continuous testing really is and where the future of the tester may lay.

Click Factories: The early days of testing in waterfall style projects with large test teams isolated from the development teams, the emergence of exploratory testing and mob testing but with a whole company.

First Signs of Agile: The Cargo culting of agile practices thinking that if we perform these ceremonies then we would become mythical agile teams.

Automate everything: How we tried to automated all our testing only to discover that we were still shipping bugs to our end users, only faster than before.

Continuous Testing: How to think about it, Why you should use it, and what the real skill of Continuous Testing is: That Testing doesn’t always look like Testing.

From this talk you will:

  • Understand how to test ideas before they’re even implemented

  • Gain insight into ways of helping teams understand what quality means

  • See how testability improves quality

  • Feel motivated to encourage advocating for testing in production

  • Understanding what the skill of continuous testing is

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