Dr. Jonathan Forbes

Engineering Director, Elektrifi

Overview: A high-level, vendor neutral walkthrough of the rapidly evolving data technology ecosystem (e.g. data engineering, ML, AI, analytics, data management) including cloud, open source, and proprietary offerings.

Bio: Jonathan started his career working 8 stories underground, smashing together electrons and protons to understand the physics of this Universe. Since then, he’s used data to protect fighter jets, find oil in the North Sea and help autonomous robots comprehend and navigate our world. He received his first invoice from Amazon Web Services in September 2008.

Jonathan led Engineering at Aquila Insight through its acquisition, recruiting a team of brilliant engineers to create cloud-based analytics services used by Sony, Next, Tesco Bank, Honda, Uber and others. He’s now CTO at Phlo in Glasgow, working with Nadeem Sarwar and Adam Hunter to build the next generation, data-driven, digital pharmacy business.

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