Don Smith

Don Smith leads the CTU™ Cyber Intelligence Cell: a team of experienced threat analysts who, through the application of established intelligence practices, deliver actionable and timely intelligence products on the threats most relevant to SecureWorks clients. Don also leads the CTU research team in EMEA.

Don joined SecureWorks in 2005 and, since then, has been instrumental in establishing a CTU presence in EMEA and building important relationships for SecureWorks in the region. His enthusiasm and threat expertise means that he regularly represents SecureWorks at industry events in EMEA. Don has 24 years’ experience in the IT industry and was previously responsible for security architecture and operations for a multi-billion enterprise, where he took a lead role in successfully integrating 14 acquisitions. He is a recognized subject-matter expert many areas of cybersecurity and advises SecureWorks and SecureWorks’ clients globally.

A view of the threat landscape

Speaker: Don Smith, Secureworks

What tactics do criminals use today, how might you be impacted ? Don will give an overview of the state of cyber threats, highlighting how tactics have evolved over the last few years to the current state of threat facing enterprises. Looking at both online criminality and hostile state actors, using examples of real world attacks, Senior Director Don Smith will discuss lessons learned from recent incidents involving determined and persistent adversaries. This session will illustrate the methods used by advanced actors  to avoid detection and consolidate their access in compromised environments. The session will also explore how security teams can improve their chances of defending against such adversaries, pragmatic advice with the odd reality check.

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