Thursday 27th September 2018


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Once again, we will bring you a packed day full of relevant themes, this year including cyber, the power of analytics, blockchain, testing and more.

So why not join your peers across the community to hear some fantastic speakers,  make new connections and bounce ideas around to find new and innovative solutions to any issues you’re having?

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EICC, 150 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE


Thursday 27th September 2018

Our previous speakers have included Scott Hanselman, Principle Program Manager, Open Source at Microsoft, Troy Hunt, Scott Helme, Elton Stoneman, Docker,  Rupert Whitehead from Google and tones more – and we promise this year’s line up will be just as exciting!


Our speakers

Communications and Security Research Engineer - University of Strathclyde

Head of Software Testing - eBay

Founder - Black Koi Consulting

Software Developer - tretton37

Testing Services Director - Edge Testing Solutions

Google Mentor

CTO - NES Digital

Infrastructure Manager - Leidos

CEO - Fintech Scotland

CEO & Founder - Float

Head of Security Engineering - Photobox Group


Founder/CEO - Naked Agility Ltd

Principal Solutions Architect - Sopra Steria

CEO - Space Intelligence

Senior Engineer and Team Lead - SwarmOnline

CTO - Skills Matter

Senior Engineer - KAL

Head of Testing & Application Security - SAS R&D

Dr Martin Beaton

Cyber Cluster CoOrdinator - ScotlandIS/SBRC

Federico Charosky

Managing Director - Quorum Cyber

Fraser Kirkpatrick

Technical Project Manager

Dr Ed Mitchard

Senior Lecturer - University of Edinburgh



Polly Purvis, CEO of ScotlandIS and Richard Cassidy from Airts will welcome our delegates and let you know what to expect from your day.

Content to be confirmed.


Voice Design is a probably the most exciting & promising fields of User experience today!  Conversational apps enables users an emotional, natural  connection with applications and brands.
The dream of talking freely to machines becomes a reality in the last few years. Conversational interfaces or assistants usage is growing and entering every household- Apple revealed people talk to Siri as a therapist and Amazon created “listen with Alexa” to reads bedtime stories to young kids. In the last year alone the user base of voice devices grew in 129% and experts predict that by 2020 82% of interfaces will be speech recognition based. How will this tech change affect our lives, our culture and the future of our kids? 

All things MedTech

OpenStreetMap for the (semi-)uninitiated

OpenStreetMap is the Wikipedia of the mapping world, aiming to create global maps open to all through networks of volunteers. These data can have great potential for companies, not just because the data are free of charge, but because they may be more up to date and accurate than commercial products.

Fraser will in this talk present the fundamentals of how OpenStreetMap works, and how the data can be used by companies, and the issues as well as opportunities these data present. 

Coding for sustainability: actionable environmental intelligence from satellite data. 

In this talk, Murray will set the scene of developments in the space sector, the requirements in the environmental sector for new landscape intelligence, and how ongoing software development work at Space Intelligence sees the team coding for sustainability.

Blockchain 101 for developers

Greig will explore the basics of what blockchain really is, dispel some myths and misconceptions, and take a look at some of the key design decisions to be taken when building a blockchain-based solution.
He will explore the technology and principles at the heart of blockchain, how
and why they are put to use, and how these can be combined to build the more complex blockchain-backed products and services we hear are hearing about.

Making Blockchains useful for enterprises

Alan will identify the challenges in actually building and deploying real world blockchain solutions, and identify the scenarios where it has been usefully applied. He’ll discuss his work in the Blockchain space over the past several years and the challenges he’s faced in building and deploying enterprise grade solutions

A DevOps story from the trenches

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you might have noticed that Microsoft is a completely different company than it was even 5 years ago. From open source to close collaboration with customers, and from Feature teams to continuous delivery to production, everything has changed at Microsoft. A major catalyst for this has been the Developer Devision’s transition, and Martin has been working closely with them for over 10 years as both a MVP for that product group and as a consultant. Come and hear about the journey through Agility and DevOps that spawned Microsoft’s corporate journey and resulted in even Windows being continuously delivered to production.


Software testing as a field is arguably still finding its feet, and often struggles to find its voice. There are many experienced testers in the world who could add much to the understanding and progression of our field, but who don’t realise the value of telling their story. The varied origins of testers, arguably our greatest strength, often dilutes our collective message and the external image of our field.

We need to lower the – largely psychological – barriers to people engaging with the wider testing community, and harness the potential of the hidden army of testers. Their ideas and experiences might not be ground-breaking, or paradigm-altering, or thought-provoking…… BUT THEY MIGHT BE.

And THAT is worth the risk, but we need to minimise that risk for people. Because, even if it someone doesn’t push the testing envelope with their talk, how they choose to express an existing idea might be all that’s needed to spark off the next big idea.

My talk will also address the factors that have underpinned my own reticence in this area, the roots of uncertainty about our field, and how I’ve come to realise the value that I and every tester can – and should – add to the field.

For testing to continue developing as a field, the value people have for what we do stems in no small part from our ability to communicate what we do and how do it. We need, therefore, to nurture as many voices as possible, so that collectively we can garner the respect that our field – and we – deserve.

25 years – the Changing Shape of the Tester

I have now been in testing for nearly 25 years and wanted to explore the changing remit, environment and skills required as a  ‘tester’ alongside the changing IT and Business landscapes.  What’s different (or not so different!). 

We hear the term T-Shaped Tester these days when referring to what type of individual we want on our teams – so what shape was the tester 25 years ago and how have we evolved?

War stories from the front line of InfoSec

Full talk details coming soon

Penetration Tester: Living The Dream

A talk which looks at how a professional penetration testing company approaches ethical security testing, a typical day in the life of a penetration tester and the things we look for when we’re hiring for our team.

FINTECH – Details coming soon.

Fintech – What can you do?

Would you like to understand the Payments Industry in the UK and how its evolving? 

Have you had industry emails with titles including Open Banking and have not had time to open them, or thought it didn’t apply to your sector?

I’ll explain how you can get started first thing tomorrow morning to change the way you use Bank Data or Initiate Payments and how hopefully as an industry we can work together to ensure everyone can reap the benefits that this can bring.


Talking about software testing
Conversations between a developer and a tester

There are many sayings around why you shouldn’t bring work home or discuss job related problems with your partner because it might affect your relationship and well being negatively.

As a couple who works within Software Development and who both are very passionate about what we do, having the ability to “bring work” home is mostly a valuable and positive experience. By disputing and talking about software development and by sharing experiences and problems we learn from each other. It’s an important part of how we improve and bring different perspectives and insights into our daily work with clients.

This presentation contains extracts of the conversations which occur while cooking dinner for the family, around the dinner table, while putting our children to bed or taking a walk.

We will share our views around what testing is and what it isn’t. We will discuss test automation and how testability plays a big part in development. We will address roles, skills and collaboration and how different perspectives add value to software development.

TESTING – more details coming soon

The story of Hack the Hive and why it’s necessary for the development community to have awareness of the principles embedded within it to mitigate security breaches on their own projects.

DevSecOps does not exist – Security is key to doing DevOps right

Following the growth of DevOps as a recognised and popularly adopted strategy, a new term has crept into the business lexicon: DevSecOps. However, shoehorning the security function in this way, leads to frustration and confusion. Being an opaque and sometimes misunderstood function, security is often tacked onto the end of the developmental process and, as a result, blamed for delays in allowing new releases to reach the market.

We’ll discuss the modern approaches to software testing and show that when DevOps is executed properly, it must incorporate security as one of its intrinsic components, recognising security as the valuable asset that it is rather than the awkward afterthought some view it to be.

FINTECH – Details coming soon.

FINTECH – Details coming soon.

17:35 - CLOSE

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EICC, 150 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE

Situated at the heart of Scotland’s beautiful capital city, the EICC is one of the world’s outstanding venues for conferences and events. Their purpose-built centre offers the very best facilities and technology; and the experienced team always help to ensure ScotSoft’s success.


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