How we recruited a skilled FinTech team

Duncan Mann, Global HR Manager, KAL ATM Software     Successfully addressing the skills needs of 21st century businesses is a constant work in progress.   As an organisation operating in the evolving FinTech sector, digital technology and software skills are essential requirements at KAL ATM Software. We employ 160 people globally, with 60 in Scotland, so ensuring we have the right abilities throughout our teams is a key part of the business.   To successfully achieve our recruitment needs we have targeted universities, students and apprentices whilst making the most of the opportunities presented by the public sector.  
  • As part of Education Scotland’s Developing the Young Workforce, members of staff visit high school students to spread awareness of the brand and the opportunities we can provide. This gives pupils information that they may want to consider when making their choice of subjects for college and university.
  • A vital step has been creating strong links with Scotland’s universities. We sponsor a bursary at the University of Edinburgh and, along with the country’s other universities, they contribute to our internship programme. We are also involved with the informatics course at Heriot Watt, taking two or three students at a time. Beyond that, we have looked further afield and have an internship in place with the University of Toulouse.
  • For graduate recruitment we communicate opportunities using channels relevant to young people and make full use of our digital marketing interns knowledge of social media outlets. Our use of social has been very successful to date, with posts shared and passed on in large numbers. We advertise our vacancies using more traditional means and make sure we present on all the university job boards and newsletters.
  • We also make sure that we get our brand out there and heard by students as early as possible. We don’t just target those in their final years. We encourage interns who have worked with us previously to attend careers’ fairs so students can hear about opportunities and experiences at KAL from people of their own peer group.
  On joining the company we work to make interns feel like full members of the team right from day one. No filing or entering backlogs of data for them! This not only helps the interns feel valued, it makes for a stronger team much more quickly. The majority of the interns that we have taken on this way now work full time for us and our retention rate is excellent.   It is a similar approach for Graduate Level Apprentices. They spend four days in the office getting actual experience and one day at university. We have found this to be more effective than the usual schedule of prolonged blocks of time at university then work that apprentices traditionally have.   The result of all of this is that we have managed to maintain our growth and meet our need for digital technology skills. Successfully increasing the size of the team by 30 people in the last twelve months and we intend to continue to grow.   In short, we took matters into own hands to meet our skills needs. I am proud to say that we’ve been very successful in this endeavour and have taken on some amazing people as a result.   We are delighted to be involved in the Young Software Engineer of the Year award with ScotlandIS. It is an excellent event for employers and potential employees alike. Showcasing the wealth of talent and innovation that is being nurtured here in Scotland and also gives digital technology companies, like ourselves, a means to connect with very talented young people.   For more information and details on how to book your ticket please click here >> ScotSoft 2017    
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