Breaking Bad – Season Two

Following on from last year’s presentation at ScotSoft, David Stubley will take a further look at application layer exploits that can ruin your day. The talk will cover a number of common web application attacks and will include demonstrations and remediation advice.

About David

Founder of 7 Elements, David brings over 17 years of experience within the technical security market, where he has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise through the delivery of security testing and in the provision of technical expertise to high profile incidents.

He has performed key roles in security programmes, aligning a risk managed security approach and business risk appetites across multiple business functions in order to provide pragmatic security solutions for regulatory requirements.

David has also devised bespoke risk assessment methodologies for a number of security projects, including technical and business risk assessments aimed at understanding the risk profile for a multinational organisation, and has developed a new thematic for resilient information security assurance.

His specialist skill is bridging the gap between technical teams, senior management and C-level executives, to improve the understanding, use and development of security testing. As such, he has recently taken on the role of Cyber Security Advisor to the Aerospace, Defence and Marine (ADM) Industry Leadership Group.

David is an active member of the wider security industry, regularly presenting on the subject of information security and its many facets.

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