Where have you worked since winning the award?
Initially I worked for J.P Morgan as an Mobile Developer focusing on their client facing applications. I am now an iOS developer at Skyscanner in Glasgow, working on optimising the mobile booking experience.

How did you benefit from the exposure gained by winning the award?
On the night and in the days following on from the award several companies reached out to me to offer me potential work. Prior to winning the award I had already accepted a job in Glasgow as an iOS developer so this wasn’t something I was able to take up instantly. However, I kept in touch with many of the companies which helped tremendously when I recently moved jobs.

How could software firms get more involved with undergraduates?
Hackathons are becoming more and more popular in the UK, providing a a great informal way for companies to get involved with students by sponsoring the events and suggesting ideas. They allow undergraduates to get exposed to software firms in a technology filled environment and allow companies to seek out talented undergraduates that they feel would be a good match for them. I feel companies should get more involved with these type of events. It’s a great place for companies to exhibit what they have on offer and allows undergraduates to shine.

What is your favourite memory from the project?
My favourite memory from the project has to be when I first successfully got the app to transfer the presentation between devices over the network. A close second is when the app was first utilised in a lecture at the university and (thankfully) worked without a hitch.

What skills did you learn from the project?
Prior to the project most of my mobile development experience was with the Android platform, so iOS and Objective-C were definitely my biggest takeaways. I also solidified my networking skills by building a custom network protocol to keep the presentation in sync between devices.

What advice would you give to this year’s graduates?
Work on your own projects to explore the different areas of computing and find what you really enjoy. Don’t just settle for the first job that comes your way, search and see what’s out there, you will find something that is right for you.