Richard Carter and Jonathan Cameron

Risk Prediction Tool for Delayed Discharges   In this presentation Richard Carter (The Data Lab) and Jonathan Cameron (NHS National Services Scotland) talk about a collaboration between their organisations and the Scottish Government to tackle delayed discharges from hospitals. By using real patient data from health and social care this challenging project resulted in a…

Frank Dick OBE

After Dinner Speaker

Renowned as a truly outstanding inspirational speaker, Frank Dick is currently President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, Member of the IAAF Coaches Commission and Chair and architect of the IAAF Academy. He was also the ICCE Global Coaches House Program Director at London Olympics 2012, in Calgary during the 2014 Winter Olympics and in…

David Stubley

Founder - 7 Elements

Breaking Bad – Season Two Following on from last year’s presentation at ScotSoft, David Stubley will take a further look at application layer exploits that can ruin your day. The talk will cover a number of common web application attacks and will include demonstrations and remediation advice. About David Founder of 7 Elements, David brings…

Eileen McLaren

VP Software Engineering

About Eileen A specialist in scaling engineering teams, Eileen joined the team at Cognitive Geology to help take them from startup to global supplier. Eileen was instrumental in helping grow the teams at Skyscanner and Fanduel, and also spent time with ThoughtWorks – the leading agile delivery services company – helping their clients evolve engineering teams. Eileen…

Alan Keir

Technical Director,

API security, DLT and common exploits Fix Internet security and win adoration of the general public with BlockChain technology.  

Scott Helme

Security Researcher

CSP STS PKP SRI ETC OMG WTF BBQ… The sane version of my talk title would be ‘Modern Browser Security Features’ but sometimes it can feel like we’re just staring at a bunch of acronyms! In this talk I’m going to introduce you to some awesome features that we can use to quickly and easily…

Adam Dallis

Head of Development, Cooper Software

 How to (or not) estimate accurately. Millions of software engineers develop software every day, and a large percentage still tend to make promises on fixed deadlines and fixed scope. I will try to present the negatives of this approach but also provide alternatives, that would not only allow you to meet expectations but actually affect…

Christos Matskas

Senior Azure Developer PFE, Microsoft

DevOps: Zero to Hero with Visual Studio Team ServicesDevOps doesn’t have to be complicated and yet we are still getting it wrong in 2017. The problem so far has been tool choice overload and the required effort to set the whole process right. However, in the end, the benefits to your organization and customers can…

Aaron Quigley
Prof. Aaron Quigley

Professor of Human Computer Interaction in the University of St Andrews

Intelligent User Interfaces, underpinned by AI and other novel interaction techniques Overview coming soon About Aaron Professor Aaron Quigley is the Chair of Human Computer Interaction in the University of St Andrews. Aaron will discuss Intelligent User Interfaces, underpinned by AI and other novel interaction techniques. Aaron is a convenor of the ACM Future of…

Joe Shanley

Senior iOS Consultant, Waracle

Data Analysis and Visualisation for Sensor Networks As modern sensor networks provide even more opportunities within the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, Joe Shanley describes various scenarios where the Waracle team have taken ideas from theory into prototype. Joe explains how the gathered data was collected and analysed, and how this could scale up in…